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Legends & Dreams Shetland Sheepdogs
All dogs or puppies must be paid in full before leaving Legends & Dreams

Puppy Contract / Show Prospect / Performance 

On (date)_____________________ Legends & Dreams Shelties agrees to sell the following Shetland Sheepdog to_________________________________________________________________
Dog's Color_________________________ Sex_______________ Call name______________________
ID #________________________Registration#_________________________Age_________________
Registered name (if any)_______________________________________________________________
Sire's name and #_____________________________________________________________________
Dam's name and #____________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth ____________________Purchase Price________________________________________
Payment due/Date____________________________ Amount paid/Date________________________
Balance due/Date_______________________________Date of acquisition______________________  


This puppy /dog is being sold as marked below:

Pet _____         Performance Prospect_____         Show_____      Breeding_____

Limited Registration_____     Full Registration_____       Co-ownership______


1        Said puppy is guaranteed against all disqualifying faults. (Size and Testicles)

2          Said puppy has a 2 year health guaranteed against hereditary health issues.  Breeder must receive written notification from a qualified veterinarian on health issues and breeder has the full right to ask for a second opinion from a veterinarian of his or her choosing. This covers eyes and hips as well as skin syndrome. (If the dog is breed before all the GENETIC testing is completed, the hereditary health guarantee is VOID.)

3          If said puppy does in fact have a health issue, a replacement dog will be provided from the breeder. Breeder will make every effort to replace said puppy as quickly as it is possible.  It is recommended that the buyer have the animal examined by a reputable, licensed veterinarian during the first 5 days.

4          All pet/ performance puppies sold will be on a spay or neuter agreement. The said puppy is not intended for breeding and will be sold on limited AKC registration. Breeder will remain on the registration until said puppy is spayed or neutered.

5          The buyer will register with AKC with the Legends & Dreams prefix on its registered name if purchased as a puppy.

6          Breeder will gladly ship the puppy to buyer, weather permitting, when old enough. Shipping is extra and will include shipping cost, crate, and veterinary health certificate.

7          If at any time the buyer cannot keep the dog, is unable or unwilling to care for the dog, or for any other reason chooses to part with the dog, the breeder will have first right of refusal to have the dog back. This dog may be returned to the breeder at any time of his/ her natural life for any reason, and the breeder will happily accept his/her return. There will be no REFUND.

8          Breeder will have free stud rights to any show dog sold.

9          If the above dog is a female and sold with puppy back, breeder will remain as co-owner on AKC or other applicable registration until breeder receives the puppy back. Breeder will pick the Sire and have first pick puppy back. If the female is breed to a Sire that the breeder does not approve of, breeder will get first pick puppy and the buyer will pay a fee of $1,000.00 to the breeder and breeder will also still receive first pick puppy out of the next littler.


 Buyer’s Name ________________________________

Address _____________________________________

Phone ______________   E-mail _________________


Buyer’s signature _____________________________     Date ___________


Seller’s signature _____________________________     Date ___________